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Roxanne’s Revenge.

Jamaica’s leading DJs have sparked an international feud over which is better Gaza or Gully.

The battle has even reached to the real Gaza and various parts of Africa but this is certainly not the first or even the biggest lyrical battle ever.

I’m old school. I remember rap back in the days before Lil Kim, before Salt_N-Pepa and even before Queen Latifah. In those early days of Rap music there was really only one woman worth mentioning and her name was Roxanne. She was so pretty and talented in fact that you called her name twice and the song about her called “Roxanne, Roxanne” by UTFO was a smash hit. It spoke of a lady who was refusing their advances.

Roxanne Shante’ (birthname Lolita Gooden) made what we’d call the “counter action” song “Roxanne’s Revenge” which also became a hit for the teenage singing sensation.The single was released in late 1984, taking the original beats from an instrumental version of “Roxanne, Roxanne.” It was very confrontational and vulgar, but was an instant hit that sold over 250,000 copies in the New York area alone. Legal action followed, and it was re-released in early 1985 with new beats and the obscenities removed.

A series of Roxanne songs then came out in fact it may be the longest running series of Answer records in history according to Wikipedia. Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roxanne_Wars
for a list of the various songs in the Roxanne Wars.

There was even another woman  who did a song calling herself “The Real Roxanne”.

However for Roxanne Shante’ after two albums she became disillusioned by the cut throat music business  and as a teen age mom she felt swindled.


When she was around 19 she suddenly remembered a “throwaway clause” in her contract had said that the company that signed her would fund her education for life.

Amazingly the teenage mom who had felt tricked and cheated turned the tables on the whole music game and earned her PhD. in Psychology and made the label foot the bill.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons said Shante is now a shining role model for the rap community. “Dr. Shante’s life is inspiring,” Simmons said. “She was a go-getter who rose from the struggle and went from hustling to teaching. She is a prime example that you can do anything, and everything is possible.”

Shante, 38, is now active in the community. She offers $5,000 college scholarships each semester to female rappers through the nonprofit Hip Hop Association.

This blog is partly based on the story Rapper behind ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D by Walter Dawkins please read it.


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5. Liquid Fire.

[This is latest installment of an ongoing story please read the parts before to get the appropriate effect. Comments welcome.]

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It was not such an easy task, just lighting the match. Not easy at all with his thick gloves on. Hezekiah Scythe struck another match carefully and then let the flame play along the interior surfaces of the mold. The thin layer of carbon, created by the flame, would allow the hot metals, soon to be poured in it, to be distributed evenly, and prevent his creation from sticking, when the “cooking” was complete.

He was in his workshop, the center of his web. It was just a huge metal cage really but with a zinc roof and even a little office attached. It was down by the section of his huge estate which also had the sweetest mango trees in the whole district. The cage functioned as a makeshift auto shop at times and there were quite a few cars in various stages of disrepair all around him.

Hezekiah had already placed a variety of metals into the crucible, basically just a huge pot on a square base. The metals were of all types but mostly from old car parts and some out dated coins, even spent bullets, in fact anything he felt would make his final product attain the desired effect.

He was looking through his thick safety goggles and already sweating as the metals had now become liquid. Liquid Fire. This fascinated him somehow. He hung the mold above it to heat it. It was important for the mold to be hot before the pouring began.

Hezekiah took a ladle and scooped up the liquid fire, then poured it into the hot mold which he gently closed while shaking it to release various air bubbles.

His phone rang. The office phone was not a number he gave out to many. Whoever was calling it was probably very important.

“Hello. Who is it. ” he asked angrily. The call could have spoiled his creation if it had interrupted the process a minute earlier. Luckily he was basically finished now. He gripped the receiver tightly once he had freed a hand from the bulky gloves. He then shifted the goggles to the rear of his helmet with back of the glove, on his other hand, the heavy glove was wiping his sweaty brow simultaneously.
“It’s me. I just saw Theo Adams, he is heading to Archie’s house with his daughter. You told me to tell you whenever I saw him near here again.”, Deacon Brown answered with a soft yet confident manner.
” Ok, great, yes thanks for telling me. Keep me posted. How is your little mission going ? “, asked Hezekiah Scythe.
” Well it was not going so well but with the goodies you promised I’m sure the plans can move into over drive shortly. She’ll be eating out of my palms soon enough. I’m trying to be patient, don’t want to muck it all up now.” said the Deacon.
” Yes, you’re right, well good luck it will all be worth it, I’m sure. I’ll bring your stuff for you soon. It’s guaranteed to do the trick.”, said Hezekiah.
They both ended the conversation as quickly as it began. They were both busy men.
Hezekiah dialed Storm’s number.
” How you doing Lily, or should I just call you Storm ?” , he asked as soon as her sultry voice answered.
” Hi Hezekiah. I’m alright, never expected you to call me now. You not afraid that my husband might answer the phone ?”, Storm asked him.
” Theo ? No reason to be afraid of that, me and Theo go way back. He surely would not mind if I call you and just ask if you all right.”, said Hezekiah Scythe.
“Yes, I’m alright, just here doing my toenails and trying to figure out what I should wear later. Maybe I shouldn’t wear anything at all.”, she said seductively.
“You too bad. Theo should spank you.”, he replied with a laugh.
” Theo can’t spank me.”, Storm was about to explain but she suddenly lost interest in flirting as she remembered that Theo had broken her foot before out of jealousy and that it was still in a cast.
” And remember to bring your friend Pandora too, ok ?”, Hezekiah was all about business and he needed Pandora and Storm to be at the session that night.
“Yes, Pandora and Michelle coming with me, with the free tickets you gave us. Thanks again. See you later.”, said Storm. She wanted to get back to her cooking.
Hezekiah hung up after a quick goodbye and went back to the mold cooling. He took off the goggles and helmet completely and threw the heavy gloves down unto the dirt.
He made another phone call.
“Dr. Franks ? Yes this is Scythe. I need another supply of the magic pills. Yes I know they’re really for insomniacs but you know I need them.” Hezekiah Scythe spoke fast, the same way he drove and ran, he was somewhat annoyed that the doctor was sounding hesistant.
” I just spoke to my friend Storm and she’s bringing her friend Pandora to the party, tonight, just to meet you. Apparently Pandora always wanted to meet a doctor and get a free examination if you know what I mean. ” Hezekiah added. The doctor understood and assured him that he could get his “magic pills” immediately.
Hezekiah ended the conversation abruptly once the business had been completed.

He hated unfinished business. He went back to look at the mold. It was still very hot but he couldn’t wait anymore. He put back on the heavy gloves and then snapped the jaws of the mold open, suddenly. It released a single bullet unto the soft cloth he had placed below. He picked it up with a pair of tongs and placed it in a bullet shaper. It was still too hot to touch as he used a makeshift metal clipper and a type of file to smooth the edges. An untraceable bullet.

Later or perhaps even tomorrow Hezekiah Scythe would use a plastic bag and some liquid alox to finally cast the bullet, but for now he was happy. His unfinished business was that much closer to being resolved. The bullet he had just created had Theo Adams name on it.

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4. Calm before the Storm.

[ This is the fourth part of an ongoing saga. Please read the first three parts before this one and leave your comments. Thanks. ]

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4. Calm before the Storm.

Lily stayed outwardly calm although she was wondering how he had money to be buying new clothes, while she could hardly even get food to put in the house. She stayed calm mainly because her left foot was already in a splint and there was really no telling what would happen if she provoked Theo. She appeared ever so calm but inside the “Storm” was raging. She would play the hypocrite till she got her chance, then like a true Scorpio she would sting. Ruthlessly.

Theo left the small house they shared without as much as a glance back while Lily limped to the window and glared at him. The fact that he never seemed to care how angry she was just made her even more resentful. His loping strides made short work of the walkway and he slipped out through the gate quietly, as only he could.

He walked briskly to the little school, on the hill right next to the Church. It was the school where most of the people in that small community opted to send their kids. He passed the guard at the gate and waved to various teachers but he passed the classroom where his little daughter was patiently waiting and instead went to the well kept graveyard behind the church.

He found the simple tombstone that read “Rev. Jeffrey Grant” and saw that the dates of Grant’s birth and death were seperated by a mere dash. A dash in time, to God, perhaps, but as he knelt Theo felt that the dash seemed to be a woefully inadequate way of encapsulating the life of such an honourable man.

Theo prayed and felt guilt that he had never attended the man’s funeral. His tall body remained bent and kneeling for a few minutes but finally he opened his eyes again.

He looked up to see Deacon Brown milling about the entrance to the small chapel and looking in his direction.

“Come here, Young Adams. ” said the tall elderly deacon with a slightly crooked yet somehow charming smile.

Theo exchanged pleasantries with the older man and updated him on the happenings of the town at large and the man seemed to mentally compare what Theo said with some notes he made in his head from ages past. Then with a quiet nod the deacon excused himself and left Theo alone in the Chapel.

The place seemed smaller than he remembered it now. The pews which had once seemed so gigantic were looking small and ancient to him now. He walked to the piano at the front and thought briefly about lifting it open.

“Feel free to give it a whirl, Theo.” said a female voice from behind him.

Theo smiled and turned to see her. A vision of loveliness. An angel on Earth if ever such existed. It was Yvette Grant and she had brought his daughter Trianna with her up from the classroom. Yvette taught at the school and was daughter to Rev. Jeffrey Grant of blessed memory.

Theo opened up the piano and sat down. His daughter ran, quite irreverently, down towards him with a sweet smile, “Daddy, Daddy “, Trianna shouted but then she quickly got silent, as he put a finger to his lips, telling her to be quiet. She sat beside him on the small stool and watched him play and sing, then laugh, then cry.

“Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound.” Yvette said, she was smiling with a tear in her eye also.

Trianna looked at them both. She was confused, in her four years of life she’d never seen adults smiling and crying at the same time. It sort of scared her.

” I wanted to be here for his funeral…I was so sorry when I heard he was shot.” Theo said. Yvette shook her head begging him not to speak about it.

“My father wanted you to have this.”, she said as she gave him a gold chain with a cross and a small figure of  Jesus on it. Crucified.

“It’s the Gold chain your dad always wore, are you sure you want me to have it ?” Theo asked. His mouth had dropped open from sheer surprise.

“Yes, I’m very sure. He said he wanted you to have it, if anything strange should happen to him, it’s almost as if he knew what was going to happen, he had all his business well prepared for his passing.”, she was trying to hold up but it was clear the pain, of the memories was getting to her.

“His words were ‘You are like a son’ to him and he wanted you to claim your birthright even if it seems like a ‘mess of pottage’ he told me to tell you that.”, she cried as she repeated the words to Theo.

“I don’t wear jewellery. I will treasure this though.” Theo said.

” I told him that. He said to tell you to wear it when it felt comfortable to you. My father also said I should let you know that he was there and that he saw the dive.”, she said the words not knowing their full meaning nor the weight that had been lifted from Theo’s heart, a weight he’d carried now for several years silently, bitterly.

Yvette wiped the tears away from her cheek and smiled. She looked radiant, when she smiled, but few men truly appreciated her lovely face because her ample bosom was not hidden, even by the extremely conservative black clothing, that she wore always. Yvette appreciated Theo for being one of the few men who actually looked into her eyes as she spoke.  Almost every other man seemed to talk to her chest. Even the old deacon with the crooked smile.

The elderly deacon observed Theo, Trianna and Yvette Grant from afar totally unnoticed as he lurked in the shadows of the chapel yard. He watched as they talked and finally he saw Theo leaving the chapel grounds with little Trianna.

Deacon Brown’s smile was more crooked now than ever before.

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3. Crazy or What ?

[The following is Part 3, of an ongoing saga, be sure to read the first two installments first to get the proper effect. Comments welcome.]

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3. Crazy or What ?

“I will pick up Trianna, are you crazy or what ?” Theo asked her loudly, he was saying this while swirling his pointed index finger, around his temple, in ever tighter circles, indicating that he thought she was insane. He stood in front of her, dripping wet, his jet-black skin glistening, like a bullet in moonlight but it was still day.

His white towel was wrapped loosely around his waist like an improvised kilt. He continued his rage, “You really have that guy
Hezekiah Scythe, carrying our daughter in his taxi cab like a bag of groceries ? What kind of mother are you ?”.

He handed Lily back the phone. His rage had subsided as quickly as it began.

Lily was shocked that Theo knew Hezekiah’s last name but she proceeded to explain calmly to the school teacher, on the phone, that she had changed her mind and that Mr. Adams would pick up their daughter,Trianna, today from school.

When she got off the phone however it was the dancehall diva “Storm” that spoke to Theo, not the demure Lily.

Theo was now accustomed to this Jeckyl and Hyde, hide-and-seek, game. His wife seemed to have split personalities and it was never easy guessing when (or which) one would appear. He was tired of guessing, tired of games, tired of fighting, and now tired of arguing.

He was trying to calm himself down by gnawing on the Ribs that he’d originally bought to give her. She never even noticed the Ribs, supposedly her favourite food.

Maybe they  were Lily’s favourite food but not Storm’s. Storm didn’t need to eat, all she needed was Chaos, Tension, War or maybe some Loud Music to dance too. All Theo knew was they tasted good, the Barbecue Ribs. Especially when he shoved them speedily down his throat, as if he was a wild beast. To eat them any slower would be like trying to eat a Patty with a knife and fork. He eyed her in the mirror with his greasy lips and dirty hands. You can’t eat them slow, would be like eating a Pizza with Chopsticks. His large hands worked like shovels straight into his mouth. Barbecue Ribs.

“Why do you have to behave like an Ass every time you see me on the phone? I was going to ask Hezekiah to pick up Trianna from school. You know he’s my regular taxi man and he dropped Tri-Tri at school today.”, she shouted at Theo’s back as he put on a new, expensive, red shirt and some old, cheap green cologne.

Maybe Theo was crazy too, turning his back on her when she was this angry. His red shirt was like a cape waved in front of a raging bull.

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2. Phone Call.

(This is part 2 of a serialized story, be sure to read Chapter 1.  first to get the proper effect. Comments are welcome.)

 She was caught, using the phone. The very act he had asked her to stop doing, so much of, just this morning, before he left the house. Had it been In flagrante Delicto, the Latin term, used to describe, the situation in which a husband catches his wife having sex, with another man, there is no doubt that Theo would have used his work Mallet to commit a gruesome Crime of Passion which he would later regret.  He had a bad temper, along with his self-described “heart of Gold”.

Lily knew Theo was angry, after all, last month’s phone bill had taken up most of his meager pay and Theo hardly even used the phone. She tried to act calm but her voice wavered a bit as she watched Theo ‘s hand tightly gripped around his heavy work Mallet as his dusty dark muscles rippled beneath a merino with several holes, his best work shirt. She looked away and continued her conversation as he went towards the bathroom and loudly got in the shower with the door slightly ajar.

She continued her conversation into the phone, “Yes, Ms. Yvette, this is Trianna’s mummy …yes…Lily Adams…and I’d like you to let the gentleman who dropped her to school today bring her back home. Yes, yes , I know that we did not notify the school that he would be picking her up but I would like to give that permission now.”

Lily was nicknamed “Storm” by some of  her dancer friends but she was quiet now as she spoke to her child’s form teacher. “No, I am not sure what his last name is but his first name is Hezekiah. Yes, Yes I understand Ms Yvette…but…” , Lily was cut short as the phone was ripped out of her hands. Theo was irate.

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