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Know your Strengths.

I’d like to encourage all my readers to become more aware of your strengths and focus on finding ways to make use of them. This is the theme of the book “Now, Discover your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham(http://twitter.com/mwbuckingham) and that book provides a good starting point.

After doing the tests provided along with that book my main strengths were identified as :

Strategic —I  naturally create alternative plans and spot relevant patterns and issues.

Ideation —-I generate and express ideas easily. Also able to synthesize apparently disparate phenomena.

Individualization—–I quickly recognize the unique qualities in every individual.

Input——–I love to collect information and store it in my brain.

Intellection —— People strong in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

As simple as this process is it can be very powerful.

Traditionally most of us have been focused through the educational system on our weaknesses and the correction of various flaws but the current trend in Human Resource management at progressive organizations is to harness your strengths and maximise those. The example given in the book is Warren Buffett. He was able to capitalize on his rather unique strengths and maximise them and the rest is as they say history.


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