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Yin Yang, Taichi, The Ultimate.

This symbol is commonly called the Yin Yang symbol. It’s also known as the Taichi or the Ultimate. It shows black and white combining and interacting to create a single whole, a circle. Within the black there is white and within the white there is black.

 Taichi, The Ultimate, Yin Yang.

Taichi, The Ultimate, Yin Yang.

This symbol is used to represent anything in which forces apparently oppose each other and then merge to become one. Anything and everything from Business Strategy, Poker, Warfare or  even Sex has been explained using it.

There are actually at least Four important Laws of the Universe explained by this symbol.

Law of Balance : For good to exist there must be bad. High exists because there is low. All things that exist have an equal and opposite counter balancing force in reality.

Law of Extremes : When a force is carried to its extreme it becomes it’s opposite. Bright Light can blind you and likewise Complete Darkness can blind you.

Law of Karma : All things are affected by all other things. What goes around comes around.

Law of Change
:  Things are dynamic, the only constant is change.

Although various schools of Martial Arts tend to emphasize one or two of these Laws all are actually worth understanding deeply.

Softness is not Weakness !

Law of Balance for example is clearly shown in Aikido wherein we often see the Hard attacker neutralized effectively by Softness and purely defensive moves. In fact the attacker’s own energy is used against himself.

Many black belts possibly fear fighting a white belt more than one of the intermediate ranks. The white belt is completely unpredictable whereas the intermediate level fighter makes attacks that are easily foreseen and thus thwarted. Also, at the highest level, the highly knowledgeable realize just how much they don’t know and are therefore open-minded, like babies. This illustrates the Law of Extremes. In some styles there is even a belt above black belt which is a black belt with a white edge symbolizing this cycle.

The Law of Karma is the reason most styles emphasize that they are to be used only in Self Defence. To do otherwise will only attract doom.

The Law of Change is also clearly understood in many martial arts schools.Perhaps this Bruce Lee style JKD logo is worth looking at here.

Arrows showing change.

Arrows showing change.

The arrows try to show that it’s not a static or stagnant reality but a constantly changing and dynamic situation, fluid and ever moving.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Lao Tzu.

Understanding the Ultimate Symbol is a good place to start but remember to keep moving. Never stop.


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  1. You didn’t mention that it is a calendar. The white representing the daylight hours of the longest day to the shortest day. Check it out!

    Comment by jenny | April 3, 2012 | Reply

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