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A close friend, who knows that I like comics, asked me recently to remind him of the name of a particular character. The character, he said, used Sound to create powerful energy blasts that could knock out his opponents. He couldn’t tell me any more about the person but kept assuring me that I would remember the name, even though he couldn’t. I felt like Joseph being
asked by the Pharoah to remember the Pharoah’s dream.

I was drawing a complete blank and really wishing my friend could tell me some other details about the character for me to stir my memory. Anyway we continued to talk about other things and I pretty much forgot about this Unknown comic book character.

That night while idly surfing the net I suddenly felt like Archimedes in his bathtub. Eureka !I screamed as I remembered exactly who my friend was thinking of.



Banshee !! I screamed. An appropriate response.

Banshee was an Irish criminal who fought the X-Men, with his Sonic powers, originally, but later became an X-Man himself.

Banshee joins Prof X.

Banshee joins Prof X.

It made me reflect though on the powers of the mind. We have so much things stored in our brains and for so long just waiting for a chance to Scream at us. Our subconscious is working to ferret out information we need even while we’re focused on other tasks.

That same night, while reflecting on the power of comics, to entertain and teach, I thought of how comics really combined the best of both books and movies. I had a strange and strong desire to read this old Superman comic that had published a letter of mine, when I was a teenager. Amazingly I found a copy of the letter and then had a desire to read the comic I was writing about in my letter.

Superman #22 published my fan letter.

Superman #22 published my fan letter.

I did not consciously remember any of the story but on reading it again I realized that the villain being fought by Superman was named Silver Banshee. (This fight happened in issue#17).

Silver Banshee didn't brush her teeth.

Silver Banshee didn't brush her teeth.

Amazing, my mind had being trying to tell me that there was more than one Banshee character and reminded me of things I could not consciously remember anymore. My subconscious or  intuition was guiding me straight to the information like a homing pigeon flying back to its home.

Banshee. It seemed more than coincidental that there would be two different characters with such a name, one created by Marvel to fight the X-Men and the other to fight Superman in the DC Universe. Since both characters were from Ireland, in the various stories, I wasn’t that surprised to find out that Banshees are actually based on an Irish Legend.

In legend a Banshee is always a woman ( apparently the Marvel Comic writers forgot that).

Banshee in Marvel Universe.

Banshee in Marvel Universe.

Historically it’s believed that in 1437, King James I of Scotland was approached by an Irish seer or banshee who foretold his murder at the instigation of the Earl of Atholl.

A Banshee is a woman who appears to foretell someone’s impending death usually by singing, wailing (hence the sonic based comic villains) or even just by appearing and washing the blood stained clothes of the person soon to die.

In legend a Banshee is definitely a bad omen, when they open their mouth it’s worse than a bad case of Halitosis it means someone is going to Die.

X-Men versus Banshee.

X-Men versus Banshee.

Luckily in my case seeing the Banshees just meant that my memory was Subconsciously stronger than I even knew.


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  1. Interesting story. I have had similar experiences myself.

    Comment by Mad Bull | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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