Heavy Logix.

Lateral Thoughts on Life.

Think before you Ink.

I want to show people that I’m unique, different, talented and creative.

I know what I’ll do, I’ll get a tattoo just like everyone else.

Ridiculous isn’t it ? But this type of “Heavy Logix” and reasoning seems to be getting more and more popular.

Once tattoos were a fringe art or fad, a rarity seen mostly at Carnival sideshows  or worn by the Yakuza but now they are definitely mainstream with every superstar, and athlete in the NBA, carrying at least one and all their fans following suit.

Yakuza, Japanese Mafia.

Yakuza, Japanese Mafia.

Jamaica as usual is catching on quickly to the trend and just about everyone seems to have a tat and want two or three more.

I’m not likely to ever get drunk or brave enough to have one done myself. These things are both painful and permanent. If I was getting one though I’d choose an Adinkra symbol.

Nyame ye Ohene

Nyame ye Ohene

The symbol I really love is Nyame something-or-other. I like it’s symetry and it’s meaning and the fact that it’s from Africa rather than European. I’m surprised more people aren’t using these symbols from Ghana as they’re very interesting and beautiful with a lot of meaning too.

Other tattoos I tend to like are the so called “tribals”, abstract designs with a bold forceful appeal.

Tribals use an Abstract Flow.

Tribals use an Abstract Flow.

I also like the Yin Yang symbol and variations of it. Another interesting tattoo idea is to have so called Ambigrams as a tattoo. These interesting Word-Art designs were made popular in the Novel ,Angels and Demons, written by, Davinci Code, author Dan Brown. He even named his famous hero after Ambigram artist John Langdon. Rapper Method Man for instance has an Ambigram tattoo that reads Death from one side and Life from the other.

Death or Life ? Depends how you view it.

Death or Life ? Depends how you view it.

Whatever you pick to be your tattoo please choose wisely. Laser surgery is a painful and expensive process and never looks as good as no tattoo at all.

Nowadays Every Body has a story. Literally.



Tattoos have been one of the most consistently popular searches on the net and the industry spawns books, magazines and laser surgery (to remove tattoos)  as well.

While some feel it’s against their religion others make their tattoos carry a religious significance.

Before you Ink please Think.


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  1. Tats are a very serious decision. Or I should say, it would be a serious one for me. I once saw a guy with a knee to ankle sized Scooby Doo. Maybe he saw an episode of Scooby Doo that changed his life or maybe saw an image of the Scoobster burnt into his toast. I dunno. But it still adds up to a bad case of dumbassedness in my opinion.

    Check out these other cases of Tat Dumbasses http://tinyurl.com/lwvhy7

    Comment by Dennis | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. I kind of like the “Nyame ye Ohene” one you posted. I can see it tattooed upon my left deltoid. What does it mean?

    I not so sure about the tribals. When I think tatts, I think ahead to how it will look when I get to fifty or even sixty. Imagine yourself on the beach at 55 with a lot more weight, and with that tribal tattoo you show in your post. It supposed to look really weird! LOL

    Comment by Mad Bull | August 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. It means “God is king”..
    I have a wrist to elbow Nyame Nti “By God’s grace”

    Comment by Steven Ray | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. I laugh to myself at all the little kids I see around me with tats, especially the girls. Then I stop laughing when I think of how, if I don’t die soon enough, I’m going to have to watch these kids get old–and their tats with them. It’s interesting to view this attempt to tribalise themselves into something that most of them–middle-class white kids, in the case of those I’m seeing–simply don’t have any claim to at all. In short, eeeeeeeew.

    Comment by Annie | December 18, 2009 | Reply

  5. spend a little more time worrying about what you are doing and a little less time worrying about what others do and we’ll all be just fine.

    Comment by speedyortiz | January 20, 2010 | Reply

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