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Michael Crichton, Candle in a demon haunted world.

Michael Crichton was a candle in a demon haunted world.

Michael Crichton was one of my favourite authors even though I find his
characters are often weakly developed and his dialogue is not really that

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton

The genius of Crichton was, for me, that he manages to create an unbelievable momentum in his works that pulls you through to the end at a perfectly satisfying pace.

Novels by Michael Crichton.

Novels by Michael Crichton.

His remarkable ability to fill the books with myriad interesting facts is also astounding to me. Basically he makes you think and learn while enjoying a roller coaster ride. He always spots important trends (from a wide variety of fields) before they become mainstream and he gives a new spin to the ideas.

I liked the way they cast (one of my favourite actors) Wesley Snipes for the
movie “Rising Sun”, because as I said the  characters are so slightly developed by Crichton that I doubt he even mentioned what race the detective was in the book.

Two of my favourite actors.

Two of my favourite actors.

This lack of detailed character description is not necessarily a flaw though. You see, since his books are idea-driven, having riveting, unduly colorful or unforgettable characters would perhaps distract the reader from his main points. Letting the readers fill in the blanks from their own imagination works even better. Hitchcock said the less violence he really showed on screen the more horrific the viewer’s imagination would make it seem .Less is more.

Hitchcock's Psycho shower scene.

Hitchcock's Psycho shower scene.

For me one of Crichton’s best writings was this speech entitled “Aliens Cause Global Warming” .
It gives an interpretation of how over the last thirty years scientists have
perhaps begun to intermingle scientific and political claims.

This speech is a must-read and for me it explains a lot about Crichton.  I think Michael Crichton, (the Harvard trained Medical Doctor who created the hit hospital based series ER), was always at heart a scientist. A scientist who’s purpose was to make the world a better place, therefore, he did not limit himself, but, studied very widely and was able to make connections from various fields. These connections he explored with an intense love for research and facts. He understood all the conflicting elements and set them against each other to find the deeper startling truths. His books in a sense were all about the Hypothesis and the testing thereof.


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