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 “I realize this may sound similar to the Matrix but basically my idea is like this. I have a very active mind. I mean I might be thinking about foolishness but my mind is never blank.

    “Please don’t laugh, but suppose that you are on this Earth and, in essence, you are the only real living being on this Earth. I mean everything else is just placed here to make you believe otherwise. Everything else is like a program, some illusion that turns on whenever you are around and shuts down as you turn the corner or go to sleep.” Ebenezer Dutton spoke seriously but with a slight frown because he was worriedly wondering if his two friends would understand what he was saying or think him totally crazy.

     Young Son replied quickly saying “First of all there is no Original idea. All ideas are combinations of previous ones but perhaps placed in a new context. “

      Ebenezer nodded and said “Yes I just realized this idea is somewhat similar to the Matrix…”

      Young Son cut in before Ebenezer could finish his point and stated “What I would do is research some similar stories. As you said Matrix is one. Another one is a Fantastic Four adventure where Dr. Doom put them into a miniature World. He miniaturized the Fantastic Four and put them into a miniature World. It’s a really great comic drawn and written by John Byrne. Little things kept happening that made them suspicious though. Like in the Matrix what they use is déjà vu. Every time something happens twice they say there’s a glitch in the Matrix. The illusion is not perfect.  I think it’s a good idea but you have to frame it in some original context and also make the audience …”






    Ebenezer interjected now “No I wasn’t thinking of it as book or a movie or anything, I was just thinking of it.”


    Young Son said “Well it’s a very big idea, man. The reason that I think it’s such a big idea is that I think it speaks to the basic human condition. All of us believe that we are the centre of the Universe.”

     Flute Snoot nodded and laughed and said “Yeah exactly”.

     Young Son continued “If your boss fires you, you believe it’s because he hates you, when it really has nothing to do with you. Part of the human condition, we believe that we are the centre of the Universe.”

     Flute Snoot said “Yeah true” while nodding and smiling.

     Young Son continued “The reality that we may be less significant than a fly on a piece of cow dung is not one we can easily accept.”

      Ebenezer said “ Yeah even here in this public park I feel like everyone is staring at me and have to keep checking if my shirt looks okay and make sure my fly is up.”

      Flute Snoots rumbly deep voice with a slightly unusual accent said, “What your idea reminded me of was the movie Truman Show where a guy is put in a small town and everyone is there really to keep him occupied for a reality show.”

       Ebenezer asked Flute Snoot “Did you see Eternal Something of the Spotless Mind?”

    “Yeah it’s the same director.” answered Flute Snoot.

     “What it reminds me of also in some bizarre way is when I was a child I used to think some of my toys were alive.” said Young Son.

       Flute Snoot laughed but Ebenezer was shocked “I had that exact same feeling.” He said.

       “That’s what I’m saying I think this is a common thing. It’s like you feel something is under your bed but when you look it is gone so as a child you think if only you could look quick enough before the Monster or Boogey Man could disappear.” Young Son said while Flute Snoot laughed and Ebenezer frowned.

  Young Son continued “It’s that paranoid feeling that the world may be set up to kill you or that there’s a lot more to the whole story.”

  Ebenezer said “I also think about how we sometimes fall asleep and lose all sense of time. I mean you sleep and when you wake up nine hours later you just continue your life. What about the guy who never slept or never fell into a coma or whatever is he ahead of you in this time continuum?”

   Young Son said “Well Einstein used to work out a lot of ridiculous questions and that’s why we call him a genius.

       “I once read an interesting book on Yoga. Frankly I thought that the book would be rubbish but in a moment of boredom I began reading it and it was very deep. The author asks the question have you ever met someone for the first time and from you meet them you just click? You have an understanding that even goes beyond words? Why is that? The author says the answer is simple, you have past lives.

       “You have met the person before and you know all about them already. Likewise there are some people that you’ve met before and they were your worst enemy. Therefore when you meet them in this life it’s only natural that you hate their guts from day one.

       “Like my boss at work, it’s not just because he’s my boss that I hate him. The man was an Inquisitionist and he was torturing me in a past life.”

      Flute Snoot laughed and said “So not only is he out to get you now but he’s been out to get you for thousands of years”.

      “Like the Erika Badu song where she meets this guy but she’s in a relationship already so she says See you Next Lifetime.” said Ebenezer.

        “Another thing, look at my situation Dutton. My brother Seal is an alcoholic and he treats me like dirt sometimes but I believe that experiencing that has made me a better person. Things that my brother may be mixed up in I have tried to avoid it and therefore I believe that has made me a better person. I am not saying I am a better person than my brother. I am saying that I may have taken a wrong path for myself if I did not have such an example to learn from.

         “ Now if I should reach to the Pearly Gates in a certain concept of the after life would it really be fair for me to go to Heaven? While my brother who is a good for nothing low-down dirty-skunk and was actually motivating me to go to Heaven ends up in Hell? Would that really be fair ? That could not be fair. So obviously even the low down dirty skunk must have a purpose.”

         Ebenezer said “Well even in the Bible Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery but they turned around later and embraced him. They don’t have to continue on that path.”

      “But it happens in reality that they sometimes continue on that path. Get real Dutton, you cannot have stories where everyone is the good guy. You can only have a good guy if you have a bad guy. So I am saying to you that the good guy is not really such a good guy since he’s just reacting to the bad guy.”, Young Son, spoke forcefully, he actually felt energized by this rare conversation among old friends.

 It was deep, it was Reasonings.


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