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Pepsi or Coke ?

Rivalry seems ubiquitous. Pepsi or Coke ? JLP or PNP ? Cobra or Mongoose ?

In all spheres of life there are competitions and the human mind strives to place things in order. Who is the Best ? Who is the greatest ?

A sports radio station ,locally, has endless debates about which football (soccer) player is better, Maradona or Pele ? The fact that the men played in completely different eras and positions has little effect on slowing the debates. Grown men actually spend the whole day arguing both sides of the issue as if they actually expect to convince their rivals to change their views. 

Blessed are the few wise enough never to argue about Politics or Religion. Revealing your loyalties in these areas can often lose you a few so-called friends and create serious enemies. The arguments never change anyone’s views anyhow.

One long standing rivalry is taking a new turn though. For years the media has compared Michael Jackson to Prince and Jackson usually comes out ahead thanks to the phenomenal success of his Quincy Jones produced Thriller album.






Interestingly though with the successful release of his LotusFlow3r album Prince now outstrips Michael Jackson in terms of having top ten albums. This includes albums released by Jackson with his brothers. An amazing achievement.


Purple Rain

Purple Rain



That is the real power of rivalry, it spurs both rivals to greater heights and it excites the fan base, it actually expands the market for both competitors.

When Fifty Cent entered a “beef” with Kanye West it helped them both break new sales records.

 Sampras made Agassi a fortune in endorsements even when he lost tennis matches. 

Would Muhamad Ali be called the greatest without Joe Frasier ? Where would Beenie Man be without Bounty Killer ?

Rivals keep us on our toes. A key part of winning, mentally, is that even whenyour rivals are actually out of the picture you still act as if they are breathing down your neck.

If you don’t have an enemy you’re possibly not really trying to do anything really worthwhile.

Pepsi is the best thing that ever happened to Coke. Success is inevitable, we compete only with ourselves.


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  1. wow prince vs MJ, that’s an interesting one

    Comment by Jamaipanese | April 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

    Comment by mrred | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] the coming year I hope to do more comparisons like I did in the article Pepsi or Coke ? Comparing things like Charisma and Character and explaining the difference between Rappers and MCs […]

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