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The title should have been a warning, but, like most warnings, it was not even understood, much less heeded, until way too late.

As a comics fan, who voraciously read anything and everything in the sequential art world, I was already aware of the profound impact that the Watchmen stories have had, raising the bar, gaining literary respect for the art.

Alan Moore, the author, of the Watchmen graphic novel series, was now even being studied in various University courses, worldwide, like the great Bard himself , I was told. Acclaimed, finally, as the modern day story-telling genius he truly is.

Sadly though the release of the movie version of this great tale has not generated the same buzz. At least the buzz has been generated for different reasons. Judging from the majority of blogs and websites, I’m reading, it seems that the movie has generated more buzz for the nudity of the all-powerful Dr. Manhattan, than for the subtle, and profound, intricacies of the storyline.

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan

Why has this powerful super hero been depicted nude in the movie ? Well that is how he was treated in the graphic novel by Alan Moore.  I believe  that the nudity was simply a device used to show the innocence of the character and his openness and vulnerability in the realm of social interaction. It may also be that the nudity is a symbol of his power.

Unfortunately, like we saw when the statues at Emancipation Park were unveiled, many people are not ready to handle (no puns intended) such “effrontery” especially by so-called heroes. They have become fixated on this small detail rather than the story as a whole.

Moore is a master of detail and surely has his reasons for depicting Dr. Manhattan this way. One thing I’ve noticed with his work, it makes you think.

Many people however don’t want to think. They prefer to become sidetracked by trivialities, they focus on the obvious, the superficial and thereby miss the subtle.


I hope you don’t.  I hope instead that you see the story as a whole. It’s a very good one and sure to satisfy you. The story I mean.


March 30, 2009 - Posted by | blog, current news, humor, movies, super power, writing

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