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Swamp Things cannot Read any Moore.

“No Reading Allowed”.  I disobeyed the ridiculous sign and squinted furiously, searching quickly, through all the covers on display and I found a comic book, among the many old, and weathered, magazines on the rack.

“Swamp Thing”, the title said and I guessed correctly that that was the name of the big green monster on the cover. Behind him was simply an American Flag. Not very appealing as far as comic covers go but the artwork inside looked fairly interesting and there was simply nothing else. No other comics were there.

I’d have gladly snapped up a Daredevil or a Spiderman, but there was nothing else, not even another green monster, named Hulk, was on display. Only this Swamp Thing.


I glanced over and saw that my mom had finished shopping and I handed her the comic along with lunch money I’d saved up to buy this treasure. She paid for it and it got packed in with the groceries.

Not till I’d reached home and helped unpacking the groceries did I get to read this amazing story and finally learn the name of the most profound modern writer I’d ever read.

Alan Moore.

This tale made me a fan for life. It spoke simply about monsters. Turns out the big green monster on the cover was really the hero and the real monster, the Boogey Man, a serial killer who remembered all his victims eyes was really not monstrous, in appearance, at all.

The story opened my eyes to the paradoxes all around us. All because I had disobeyed a simple sign.

“No Reading Allowed”.


March 27, 2009 - Posted by | blog, humor, Lateral Thinking, non fiction, super power, writing


  1. No Reading Allowed…I’m sure they didn’t mean it the way you making it sound… but you know that!

    Not into comics or any such. There was an Archie phase, but it died as suddenly as it started…

    Only 2 comics ever really got and kept my attention: Calvin & Hobbes; and Peanuts. If you ask me, Charles Schulz is the REAL comic genius… I heart Charlie Brown 🙂

    Comment by ruthibelle | March 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    Comment by matt | March 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. I didn’t like swamp thing much… I loved Conan the Barbarian, Vampirella, Asterix the Gaul, Andy Capp….

    Comment by Mad Bull | March 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. […] I feel connected to bloggers like these who I began to read more and more regularly. My blog “Swamp Things cannot Read any Moore” inspired Ruthibelle to talk about comics in one of her later blogs also. Each one Teach one, One […]

    Pingback by Blogging. My first year. « Heavy Logix. | January 9, 2010 | Reply

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