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3. Crazy or What ?

[The following is Part 3, of an ongoing saga, be sure to read the first two installments first to get the proper effect. Comments welcome.]

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3. Crazy or What ?

“I will pick up Trianna, are you crazy or what ?” Theo asked her loudly, he was saying this while swirling his pointed index finger, around his temple, in ever tighter circles, indicating that he thought she was insane. He stood in front of her, dripping wet, his jet-black skin glistening, like a bullet in moonlight but it was still day.

His white towel was wrapped loosely around his waist like an improvised kilt. He continued his rage, “You really have that guy
Hezekiah Scythe, carrying our daughter in his taxi cab like a bag of groceries ? What kind of mother are you ?”.

He handed Lily back the phone. His rage had subsided as quickly as it began.

Lily was shocked that Theo knew Hezekiah’s last name but she proceeded to explain calmly to the school teacher, on the phone, that she had changed her mind and that Mr. Adams would pick up their daughter,Trianna, today from school.

When she got off the phone however it was the dancehall diva “Storm” that spoke to Theo, not the demure Lily.

Theo was now accustomed to this Jeckyl and Hyde, hide-and-seek, game. His wife seemed to have split personalities and it was never easy guessing when (or which) one would appear. He was tired of guessing, tired of games, tired of fighting, and now tired of arguing.

He was trying to calm himself down by gnawing on the Ribs that he’d originally bought to give her. She never even noticed the Ribs, supposedly her favourite food.

Maybe they  were Lily’s favourite food but not Storm’s. Storm didn’t need to eat, all she needed was Chaos, Tension, War or maybe some Loud Music to dance too. All Theo knew was they tasted good, the Barbecue Ribs. Especially when he shoved them speedily down his throat, as if he was a wild beast. To eat them any slower would be like trying to eat a Patty with a knife and fork. He eyed her in the mirror with his greasy lips and dirty hands. You can’t eat them slow, would be like eating a Pizza with Chopsticks. His large hands worked like shovels straight into his mouth. Barbecue Ribs.

“Why do you have to behave like an Ass every time you see me on the phone? I was going to ask Hezekiah to pick up Trianna from school. You know he’s my regular taxi man and he dropped Tri-Tri at school today.”, she shouted at Theo’s back as he put on a new, expensive, red shirt and some old, cheap green cologne.

Maybe Theo was crazy too, turning his back on her when she was this angry. His red shirt was like a cape waved in front of a raging bull.

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Charles Pick’s advice to Wilbur Smith.

The Blogfather, a.k.a. Mad Bull, had suggested that I take a look at the author Wilbur Smith.

Best-Selling Author, Wilbur Smith.

Best-Selling Author, Wilbur Smith.

After reading the biography of this famous author what struck me most was the following advice he got from Charles Pick ;

“Write only about those things you know well.”

“Do not write for your publishers or for your imagined readers. Write only for yourself.”

“Don’t talk about your books with anybody, even me, until they are written.”

“Dedicate yourself to your calling, but read widely and look at the world around you, travel and live your life to the full, so that you will always have something fresh to write about.”

Good advice.

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