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2. Phone Call.

(This is part 2 of a serialized story, be sure to read Chapter 1.  first to get the proper effect. Comments are welcome.)

 She was caught, using the phone. The very act he had asked her to stop doing, so much of, just this morning, before he left the house. Had it been In flagrante Delicto, the Latin term, used to describe, the situation in which a husband catches his wife having sex, with another man, there is no doubt that Theo would have used his work Mallet to commit a gruesome Crime of Passion which he would later regret.  He had a bad temper, along with his self-described “heart of Gold”.

Lily knew Theo was angry, after all, last month’s phone bill had taken up most of his meager pay and Theo hardly even used the phone. She tried to act calm but her voice wavered a bit as she watched Theo ‘s hand tightly gripped around his heavy work Mallet as his dusty dark muscles rippled beneath a merino with several holes, his best work shirt. She looked away and continued her conversation as he went towards the bathroom and loudly got in the shower with the door slightly ajar.

She continued her conversation into the phone, “Yes, Ms. Yvette, this is Trianna’s mummy …yes…Lily Adams…and I’d like you to let the gentleman who dropped her to school today bring her back home. Yes, yes , I know that we did not notify the school that he would be picking her up but I would like to give that permission now.”

Lily was nicknamed “Storm” by some of  her dancer friends but she was quiet now as she spoke to her child’s form teacher. “No, I am not sure what his last name is but his first name is Hezekiah. Yes, Yes I understand Ms Yvette…but…” , Lily was cut short as the phone was ripped out of her hands. Theo was irate.

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