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Lateral Thoughts on Life.

1. Caught In the Act.

Theo Adams was dusty and tired. Work on the construction site, was never easy but today had been more tiring than most. The site boss had been like a maniac, driving them to complete the project. Unlike most of the other workers Theo had left immediately after work, even before the Friday Domino game, always played to celebrate the week’s end. He’d left so quick that his friends never even got to share the drinking of a Guiness or two as was customary.

He was eager to see his wife Lily, that’s why he hurried home. He bought her a box of Barbecue Ribs on his way home and rushed,  on foot, to the small house in which they lived. He opened the gate quietly which was unusual because the old gate normally made a loud creaking noise when anyone opened it. It was also unusual because normally Theo Adams would arrive home much later on a Friday and he’d be drunk and either be singing loudly or cursing some unseen entities at the top of his voice.

Perhaps it was these unusual facts that made him surprise his wife when he opened the door. It’s hard to say who was more surprised, Theo or Lily, but when Theo opened the door his heart sank. Lily for her part tried to remain calm, almost like it was nothing out the norm, but the truth was hard, so hard to ignore. Lily had been caught in the act.

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