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Geronimo !

Geronimo !

I scream the word, like a crazy white actor, dressed as a red-indian, in an old cowboy  movie, and in so doing I have finally jumped into the blog-o-sphere.

Geronimo !

Geronimo !

I’m not sure if my parachute will open, or if I even have one, but it’s a great feeling, a sense of  Freedom, the breeze on my face and seeing all those clouds rushing closer below me.

Who pushed me to do such a thing ? Start a blog ? It was some dude I barely know who appropriately calls himself Mad Bull. “Start a blog”, he said and the words echoed in my mind, ricocheting off the walls of the  empty space and then erupting from my mouth.

” Start a blog ! “, ok, there it is, there, I said it too.

That’s where it all begins, in the words, speaking it into being, as some New-Age Christian would say, while clutching a hardly used Bible. Everything is created twice. First in the mind and then in Reality.

That’s why every blog needs a name. “Name it, then claim it ! “, the little New-Age leprechaun was jumping on my shoulder now and it hurt as she shouted.

What do I name my blog ? It’s a tough question, especially when you have no idea what it’s going to be about yet.

Can’t call it Mad Bull’s Blog, luckily that name is already taken.

Red Bull ? Nah, serious copyright infringement and I’m a low-energy kind of guy. “Do less, achieve more” is my mantra.

Bull S-8-7-6 ? Hmmm , getting warmer but not quite right.

What’s a blog anyhow ? A Big Log ! Maybe that could work, overstating the obvious and yet it had a hidden meaning too. Pretty much  still Bull S*&% though. Nope, I needed more.

I felt I needed to move away from Bull altogether, I relished independence, even though it’s impossible to exist without others. Like Custer’s Last Stand. Geronimo indeed ! My blog would be a fatalistic futile stand for Complete Independence. I’d sing like Frank Sinatra in the shower, I’d do it My Way. Even if others liked it eventually, it was really all about me. Me-Me-Me and maybe some interesting memes too. Like a Ninja seeking to find Enlightenment but given instead a Mirror.

That’s it “Narcissistic Dithyrambs”, thats the name ! A way to stare at my naked navel and act like I’m doing something profound. Kinda obscure title though, might not even appear on any search engines. Annie Paul, one of the few bloggers I really,really admired, had told me to keep search engines in mind when picking a name. So I keep my mind Googling…as I fall.

Maybe the simpler name “Inane Prattling” could work too ?

No ! I wanted my blog to be taken seriously and even if it appeared to be “Inane Prattling”, to others, at least I’d take myself seriously.

Another leprechaun suddenly appeared…vaguely resembling my long-lost brother…he began jumping on my other shoulder and screaming gleefully,”You’re falling.You can’t even pick a Name.You’re too  heavy”, he meant it as an insult…I smiled …falling faster now …it’s just what I am… Heavy.

Heavy and I’m always thinking…Logics… Lateral Thinking and Strategy…even in this crazy-yyy freefall… to nowhere fast.

So there it was…the haterz had actually made me stronger.They’d helped me understand myself, they had given me My Name.

Heavy Logix is gonna drop on them !


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